College admission is based on many factors


Paige Megyesi

When it comes to being admitted into a competitive college, grade point average is only of the factors under consideration.

High test scores, a rigorous transcript and extracurricular activities are all considered when an applicant is assessed, said Beatriz Gutierrez, a TCU admissions counselor.

She said, standardized tests help provide a more ideal perspective on how someone might perform in college.

Gutierrez said while TCU values standardized tests, overall admissions does “a holistic review.”

Colleges want to see something else: personable people.

Gutierrez said that, for her individually, a student who is good at writing can take an average essay and make it seem like the most brilliant piece of literature ever written.

She said an essay gives students the opportunity to connect with a college in a way that a test score never can.

The character behind the person who achieved that grade is just as important as the grade itself, she said.

sam admissions 2 from TCU Student Media on Vimeo.