Atmosphere and sports teams influence college decisions


TCU School of Journalism

Photo courtesy of Andrew Van Heusden

Numerous factors affect college choice, including academics, cost, student life, comfort and safety, but each student’s selection process is unique.

“When a student asks me what makes TCU special, my answer is always like ‘I can’t tell you,’ ’’ TCU Admissions Counselor Beatriz Gutiérrez said. “Because in order for me to answer that honestly, I would need to know the student very well.”

Amari Michaux, who’s planning on going to Howard University, said his race and culture altered his  thoughts on a university.

“Howard is known as the top historically black college in the country, plus their medical program are amazing,” Michaux said. “I was influenced heavily by the fact that they have their own graduate school and hospital.”

Scott Martinson, a TCU alum who majored in accounting and finance, said TCU’s sports teams had an effect on his decision.

“I am a huge football guy, and just sports in general, so the fact that TCU has so many great athletic programs,” said Martinson. He also liked the dorms. “I visited quite a few campuses and TCU has great dorms with good proximity to anywhere on campus.”

Sophomore Libby Gonzales said she was drawn to TCU primarily by the friendly atmosphere and the landscape of the campus.

“Everyone here at TCU is so nice and that makes the atmosphere awesome,” said Gonzales. “I love how everything is new. It’s kind of funny, we have the nickname ‘Texas Construction University,’ but Schollmeier Arena just got built and it’s beautiful.”

Over the years, Gutiérrez said she realized that finding home is the most important part of the college search.

“If you feel like you are at home, and you don’t feel out of place then that’s the school for you.”