TCU breaks ground on new music building


TCU’s music department is spread out across seven buildings, but in two years it will all come together in a state of the art building behind Brite Divinity School.

The building will be part of the Creative Commons that is transforming east campus from a sea of parking lots to a hub of learning.

The new building’s prime feature will be a concert hall that will seat 700 and be designed specifically for music performance.

“It will provide us an opportunity to have that as a signature building at TCU,” said Richard Gipson, director of the TCU School of Music.

Richard Gipson

Gibson said the concert hall has prompted the department is starting to rethink its program.

“We do more than just provide educational experiences and training for students,” he said. “We provide tremendous opportunities for art experiences for patriots outside of the university.”

The school of music provides studies such as piano, percussion, voice.

Gibson said that being spread out across seven buildings limited the ability of students to improve musically. However the new building won’t be the only new addition to the department. Gibson that the new building is the first step of a multiple face project.