Super Regionals and beyond: TCU advances to College World Series

Moving the NCAA baseball Super Regional to TCU was a last-minute decision, but fans were ready to cheer on the Frogs.

Fans said they were ecstatic to have the game here because they were not going to Indiana.

Saturday’s game, which sent the Frogs to Omaha for the College World Series, broke attendance records for Lupton Stadium. Nearly 9,000 fans were on hand when Cole Fontenelle hit the ball right up center field and out of the park to give TCU a home run.

The game didn’t start out smoothly for TCU though. Still at 0 points, the Frogs wiped their sweat-dripping faces, hoping for a comeback. Austin Davis does it as he hits his 9th home run of the year putting TCU 1-2, with Indiana State in the lead still.

At the end of the game, Indiana’s Keegan Watson hit another a home run out of right field, putting the final score at 6-4, as TCU advances.

TCU plays again on June 17, hoping to extend their winning streak as they continue on their Toad to Omaha.