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A Peek into the PianoTexas Young Artists Program

Leah Waller
AnnaLotte Smith performs during PianoTexas at TCU.

More than 100 pianists are in Fort Worth this month for PianoTexas International Festival and Academy held annually at TCU. 

The 44-year-old festival includes performers as young as 8-years-old in its junior program to retirees in its amateur category. Performers from around the world audition to attend the festival held on TCU’s campus. 

The Young Artists program features  pianists ranging in age from 18 to 28. Four of the coveted spots went to artists from the United States; the other 20 are from countries that include the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Poland. 

“This program is fantastic because most of the young artists here already have professional careers going, and are internationally touring,” said AnnaLotte Smith, a Young Artist performer.

The experience includes performances, masterclasses, lessons, competitions and networking opportunities.

 “It is like an elite training ground where we can come intensely prepare for upcoming international competitions and performances,” Smith said. 

AnnaLotte Smith performs during PianoTexas. (Leah Waller)

Participants receive one-on-one coaching from professional pianists. These masterclasses help the young artists to meticulously perfect their pieces with a professional by fixing their tempo, sound, and note accuracy. 

“Working with Angela Cheng was an amazing experience and I was able to improve my piece, Reflets dans l’eau,” Smith said. 

 The pianists are exposed to fellow pianists from various age groups, skill ranges and countries. The festival consists of professional teachers, amateurs, juniors who are under the age of 18, and young artists. “I’ve been going to festivals for over 10 years, and this is the first program I’ve been to that offers something like this while still maintaining an elite training program for the professionals,” Smith said.

The upcoming concerts for the Young Artists Program continue until June 28. They take place in three of TCU’s performance halls, Ed Landreth Auditorium, Van Cliburn Hall and the PepsiCo Recital Hall. More information and a schedule can be found online at .


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