TCU nearly split evenly greek to non-greek


Almost 50 percent of the TCU community is involved in one of the 39 on-campus sororities or fraternities.

TCU Junior Brooke Morrissy is a member of Eta Iota Sigma (ΗΙΣ) Sorority.

“I wanted to find a group of girls who were awesome and shared my same values but find it fast,” she said.

Many Greek members feel that the greek community is exclusive when it comes to socializing with non-greeks.

“As far non-greeks go we don’t really do much with them,” Morrissy said.

She feels that greeks and non-greeks don’t interact as much.  

Sophomore Taylor Sutton, is involved in Greek life, is a legacy. 

“My grandfather was a Sigma Nu, my great grandfather was a Sigma Nu and all of my great grandfather’s brothers were Sigma Nu’s,” he said.

Sutton said, “there are some people in greek life that don’t associate themselves with non-greeks, but that is a huge mistake.”

A member of the student government association, Sutton said he hopes to improve this divide for next year. 

“I think that the best way to do it is to start with myself and lead by example. If I associate myself with non-greeks, then other greeks will do the same.”

He said  the TCU Community is very open to the idea of bringing the two groups together.

“Everyone supports the aligning of greeks and non greeks, because everyone wants it but not necessarily everyone is willing to act.”

Sutton said he’s striving for coexistence between the two groups. “Putting aside our labels as society labels us is important and I think that if we form a more cohesive community then it will be for the best for TCU.”