Youngest winner of “The Voice” guided by North Texas native


Youth dominated the 14th season of “The Voice” as a 15-year-old took the top honors in a field that included several teens.

Alexa Cappelli, 18, of Upland, California was among the contestants. She said her experience – she was on Kelly Clarkson’s team, helped her improve her vocal and performance skills.

“She really did pour into us a lot and wanted to get to know us all as artists,” Alexa said of Clarkson.  Although Alexa was cut during the live playoffs, she said she learned from her coaches and the other contestants.

A recent graduate of Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), Alexa said the commercial music program taught her how to communicate with the coaches so she could learn to her fullest extent.

She described her time on “The Voice” as a constant learning experience where she was always surrounded by a variety of different musicians.

“I actually never thought I would make it, but once I got there it was just so cool because I was still learning,” she said. “You never stop learning.”

She said Clarkson, a native of Fort Worth, showed her how to take a step back and see how the platform she has been given can show her what to do with her career.

During her time on “The Voice,” Alexa said she became friends with Brynn Cartelli, who at 15, became the youngest winner in the show’s history.

“It’s so crazy to me how she is 15 and she knows what she wants. She knows so many types of music and is such a hardworking person,” Alexa said. She said Brynn is a perfect friend and beautiful person.

Under the guidance of country-pop star Clarkson, Brynn survived the Blind Audition, Battle Round, the Knockouts, and lastly the Live Broadcasts.

Brynn won $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group. She said she plans to purchase a new electric keyboard and other music items for when she goes on tour.

“Kelly has helped me by being honest about what to expect in the music industry and by believing in me even when I didn’t,” Brynn said.