“Incredibles 2” breaks box office records over the weekend


Pixar has a unique formula for successful sequels – wait more than a decade between releases.

“The Incredibles 2” broke box office records with its weekend release. The animated feature about a superhero family first introduced in 2004 brought in $183.2 million. That’s $50 million more than “Finding Dory,” which pulled  $135 million, 13 years after the release of “Finding Nemo.”

“There are a lot of different appeals, familiarity, and long history. People like to go to see movies they know what to expect, and they have things they like about the characters.” said professor Richard Allen, a member of the TCU Film-Television-Digital Media department.

Allen thinks the reason people are attracted to this movie is because people think superpowers are fun and enjoy great special effects.

Student A.J. Bixby, who was 5 years old during the original movie said he was elated when he heard a sequel was planned.

“I do plan on seeing the sequel and I’m very excited to see it. I loved the first movie and it was definitely was one of my favorite childhood memories and I’m very excited they finally made a sequel to it,” said Bixby.

When asked what separates the Incredibles from other animated films he said “I feel like they did a good job on the emotional attachment to the families but also the action of superheros.”