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Orientation leaders ready to guide

Orientation at Texas Christian University is not just about enrolling the student and giving them a tour of the campus. It is meant to acclimate students to their new living environment.

From May 28 to July 2, a staff of student orientation leaders engage the incoming freshman class in things such as icebreakers, group meals, and one-on-one interactions that allow the students to feel the warm sense of belonging.

Current students have stated that TCU’s Orientation alleviates the amount of stress many incoming students face before the school year.

“I know this is going to sound cliche, but you will feel as a family,” said orientation leader Doreen Nyambuka. “Whenever the orientees were talking about why they chose TCU, some of the leading factors were because they [Orientation Leaders]  were so friendly and made them feel at home before it became a home if that makes sense.”

The orientation leaders at Texas Christian University  want to relate and understand how the incoming students feel.  They listen to the stories and struggles students have endured. When possible, they give moral support. They play a key role in orientation. Without the addition of these student leaders, orientees would not receive the same personalized experience that TCU is proud to offer.

This is done by giving the students the opportunity to select their classes, form their schedules, and gain a sense of the differentiation between high-school and college lifestyles. Leaders provide the incoming students with copious amounts of advice regarding the transition into college.

“Keeping it in mind to stay motivated and having motivation in college… you didn’t come here to party, don’t forget your purpose while you’re here,” Nyambuka said.  Following orientation, students return home with a renewed sense of purpose and community that TCU students and alumni speak so fondly of.

Orientation Newscast from TCU Student Media on Vimeo.