An inside look at J-Camp 2019


For two weeks, a group of 13 high school students from around the country participated in the Schieffer Summer Journalism Camp, a workshop whose goal is to introduce high schoolers to the skill set required for modern journalism.

Held from June 9 to June 22, students were exposed to skills like reporting, interviewing, writing, filming and editing.

Jean Marie Brown, a professor at TCU and the camp director, said the intent of the camp was to prepare students to be 21st century journalists.

“I want them to leave here with a new level of confidence, a broader understanding of what they’re looking for,” Brown said. “I hope that this gives you a sense of what that skill set requires.”

Incorporating programs such as Instagram and Adobe Spark, students gained a broader understanding of the digital elements that can be used in journalism moving forward.

“[The camp is] also to get you to think differently about some of the things you take for granted, like Instagram, now you’re thinking about it as a journalist,” Brown said.

Students collaborated in groups covering events on TCU’s campus to practice executing the skills taught in faculty-led classes.

As part of the two-week experience, students resided on campus at Foster Hall, ate meals at Market Square in the Brown-Lupton University Union, and used the University Recreation Center.

The campers managed to create connections that encouraged teamwork and socialization while at the workshop.

Kameron Sanders, a rising junior and returning camp attendee from Fort Worth, said the camp made him more outgoing.

“Last year when I came in, I didn’t like talking to people,”Sanders said. “[Now] I’ve become more open and willing to get to know people and willing to make new friends.”

Kit Blouin, a rising senior and first-time camper from Scottsdale, Arizona, said that the camp emphasized proper communication and professional interactions in a workplace environment.

“It’s a lot about responsibility and maturity that comes with working together in these groups and work towards a communal goal,” Blouin said.

For more information about the camp and the work produced by the students, click here.